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What is a section 18A certificate?
Why should I want a section 18A certificate?
Is there a limit on the amount of donations for which I can claim a tax deduction?
Would I be able to get a section 18A certificate from any charity organisation or non-profit organisation (or NPO)?
How can I check whether an organisation can issue a section 18A certificate?
Would I be able to get a section 18A certificate for any donation?
I have made a donation to a section 18A-approved organisation. What documents should I receive?
Should I also get a tax invoice for my donation?
I received my section 18A certificate for my donation. How do I go about claiming my section 18A tax deduction?
What if the donation is made by my employer?
How does DoNation work?
How does DoNation use your data?
What do I do to use this?
Our organisation is getting requests for section 18A certificates. What is this?
Can all charitable and non-profit organisations issue section 18A certificates?
What is a PBO and would our organisation meet the requirements for a PBO?
Our organisation meets the requirements of a PBO. Does it now automatically qualify for PBO status and the preferential tax treatment?
Our organisation is a registered PBO with SARS. Now, how would my organisation go about applying for section 18A approval?
Must our organisation first register for PBO status and only then apply for the section 18A exemption, or can these approval processes take place at the same time?
What organisations will not be granted section 18A approval?
My organisation is already a registered non-profit organisation. Does this mean that it is a PBO and can it now issue section 18A certificates?
Can I check whether our organisation can already issue a section 18A certificate?
Our organisation is a registered PBO and has received the section 18A approval from SARS. When should our organisation issue a section 18A certificate?
Who is responsible for issuing the section 18A certificates – our organisation or SARS?
What details must be on the section 18A certificate?
Can I see an example of what the section 18A certificate should look like?
What is a high-level takeaway of our organisation’s obligations?
Is there anything else our section 18A-approved organisation should be thinking about?
How does DoNation work?
How does DoNation use the organisation’s and donor’s data?
What does our organisation need to do to use this?
Can we record donations received offline, and use DoNation to send 18A certificates?
Who can assist us with any of the PBO registration processes?