Issue Section 18a certificates without the paperwork, for free!

Providing tax receipts to your donors can supercharge your fundraising — but only if the process is quick and seamless for donors. Let us do it for you!

How does DoNation work?

Add our donation form to your donations page with our 10min setup guide, to allow donors to register their donations

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Accept donations as you usually do, straight to your bank account. We do NOT collect cash on your behalf.

We’ll prompt you to confirm receipt of donations, as identified by a reference number we provide to the donor.

We handle the rest! We’ll send the Section 18a receipt to the donor, and provide you a copy should you need it for audit or SARS purposes.


DoNation adds a small form to your donation page, that prompts the donor for the information needed for the section 18A certificate.

This form's design can be adjusted to suite your website. See a demo, and more details on customisation, here.

A section 18A certificate or receipt is a document or receipt that is issued by a section 18A-approved public benefit organisation (or PBO) to a taxpayer who has made a donation to the PBO.

DoNation assists you in collecting the information needed for these certificate, generating the certificates, and sending them to your donors.

From March 2023, section 18A certificates need to include additional information including ID numbers and income tax reference numbers. Certificates issued by DoNation include this information.

No. The tax benefit is NOT automatic and not all charitable and non-profit organisations can issue section 18A certificates.

The organisation must apply for registration with the South African Revenue Service (or SARS) as a Public Benefit Organisation (or PBO) under section 30 of the ITA and must be allocated a unique PBO reference number.

An application for approval under section 18A of the Income Tax Act must also be submitted to the Tax Exemption Unit (or TEU) within the South African Revenue Service.

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